2 Players win big wins with 1 minimum bet

We invite you to discover two beautiful stories, for the beginning of the week, of two women who are particularly lucky at the game. A first from New Jersey which launches a single spin and pockets $ 2.4 million in progressive jackpots; and a second around a client of the Cabourg casino, with our French neighbors, who won more than one million euros by betting… only 2 euros!

The spin at more than 2 million

Here is, to begin with, the little story of a woman who launched a single spin and pocketed a $ 2.4 million progressive jackpot. It is therefore a woman living in New Jersey who shares the front page of our blog on Roulette.be today. And it can be said that she can really boast of being one of the luckiest on the planet after what just happened to her. Indeed, she quite simply managed to pocket a jackpot of several million. She is not the only one in this case will you tell us? Yes, but there you go… she won it by throwing only one spin on a land slot machine.

Fantastic timing

As she launched her very first spin on the Wheel of Fortune slot game, she collected a prize of $ 2.4 million. An incredible destiny that gives us here the impression that things are ordinary and as simple as a single click on progressive slots. When we discover this adventure, we say to ourselves that we can all do it equally, because it only takes one spin at the right time. But we must not forget the luck factor in this.

But in this little story, the timing is something fantastic and incredible. Was it an unknown force that influenced this American to decide to go to the Borgata in Atlantic City, on this very specific day and especially at this precise time ?! One is also entitled to wonder what made her decide to go exactly to Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin rather than another slot machine available in the game park within the casino room ?!

So many questions that will certainly not be answered, but which will always leave us with doubts, because after all, we are all attracted to jackpots and no casino player does not feel an attraction for winnings, however small. or massive.

She wins on Wheel of Fortune

It goes without saying that you will not know the identity of this player who obviously wished to remain anonymous. But what we do know about her is that she simply placed a $ 10 bet on Wheel of Fortune. This is one of the most popular progressive slots in the United States. And as she presses the spin button, the symbols scroll and at the end of the spin, she will be surprised to see everything set in motion to show the player that she has just won the progressive jackpot of $ 2. 481,940 net. The dream of every player who tries his luck on these slots: that of winning with a single spin, more than $ 2.4 million.

We can certainly say that the story of this woman is incredible. She proves to us that anything is possible with games of chance and tells us more about the power of luck and timing, a power however that no one can control … unless we can go back in time, but we are not there. not yet.

The Borgata, the gaming establishment in which she won her prize, will then explain in a press release published on social media: “What a way to end the summer! Just after 3 p.m., a woman from New Jersey hit the Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin progressive jackpot. She hit the jackpot on her very first spin and turned a $ 10 bet into $ 2,481,940! Congratulations! “. We must not hide the fact that this gain is also a great way for the casino to promote it for free …